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Movie?  Of course there will be a movie, the book was written to BE a movie!



However, the movie will be made with a new type of thinking in artistic and business paradigms. This film will be made where you, the public, will have various levels of participation.

  First level of Participation:



 As you can imagine, combining the setting - World War II - along with the subject matter - astrology & the occult - you are going to have some pretty intriguing characters involved this story.

When you also consider the action here is basically "Raider's of the Lost Ark", but shown in a historically accurate manner from the German perspective, you are in for quite a roller coaster ride of character analysis, one that would keep an army of psychologists busy for years....

That makes this probably one of the most difficult casting jobs since Gone with the Wind.

 So, in the same way David O. Selznick did a nation-wide search for Scarlett O'Hara, we are doing a nation-wide search too, plus ask for your opinion for some the characters in our story.

Below are the characters and a brief description of their character - of course you will have a better idea if you read the story - but either way, we ask you:

WHO should play WHO?

 Star Power

 Let's face it, whether a hundred years ago or today, if you have a movie, it doesn't hurt to have a big screen star, or several stars involved to assist the film's success. However, sometimes a new face can make a big impact...remember Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia...?  Know the next big star?  Let us know.

Here's what we have so far: 

Karl Ernst Krafft 

Here is the central character of the story, who we follow working with Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda, then the Dark Sun program, later casting horoscopes of Allied generals for the German High Command, then to the V-2 project at Peenemünde, and finally his last position near the Wenceslas underground facility with Die Glocke. His experiences in these assignments allow us to see many of the previously unknown occult and super secret projects of the Third Reich during WWII.

The part of Karl Ernst Krafft has already been cast - to the talented actor Richard Maximus Fleming - to see his his body of work, please click below:

Richard Maximus Fleming

Magda Goebbels 

HITLER'S ASTROLOGER reveals the prominent role this woman played in the development & policy making decisions within the Third Reich - elements not seen in any history book...until now. 

She received the Golden Party Badge for military service to reward her idea using Nostradamus text not only as a propaganda tool, but as a tactical strategy that tied up three French armies during the invasion of France in 1940.  When you read the story you will see why she was given the title: "First Lady of the Third Reich". 

We often hear of the "woman behind the man" with a lot of important male figures in history, however, here is the WOMAN behind the Nazi Party, and as you will also see, the REAL power broker in building the Third Reich!

 Any ideas?  We need an actress who can do a strong, very powerful personality here, after all, not only is she a central figure in the story, we're dealing with a ruthless mind and manipulative character that help BUILD the Third Reich....!

Frau Krafft 

There are no known photos of the wife to the most famous astrologer in the 1930's, however an actress who holds similar characteristics & features described to me by three scientists in the Dark Star project who met her, would be in the direction of a dark-haired Sandra Bullock. They spoke of a natural, classical beauty whose unique features made her unforgettable, that is you could meet her once and still recognize her 30 years later.

Actually, Frau Krafft is the main hero of the story, the only character who maintains their moral strength, class, and dignity in a society and war that stripped most individuals of these qualities important to civilization.

Frau Krafft was described as having a natural beauty that lasted throughout her lifetime, possessing the kindness 'of a woman we all know' or 'want to know', plus had a quiet strength never forced upon others, but could be felt by everyone.

Readers have mentioned Sandra Bullock (see: IMDb Bullock) and Monique Bernadette Painter (see: IMDb Painter) as appearing in direction of the Frau Krafft character, based on the information obtained above, as well as the fact that these are both some of the best actresses in the business...!

Joseph Goebbels 

Known for his zealous orations, history will remember this mentor of the Final Solution  as the Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945, however few know he was a PhD in Literature, a journalist, bank clerk, caller on the stock exchange, and wrote novels and plays (all of which were rejected by publishers).

While one of his first acts when appointed Propaganda Minister was the totalitarian act to burn all books that didn't fit the Nazi line, he actually was the force behind instilling propaganda in not only in all Third Reich literature, but was one of the first in history to apply indoctrination into the new mediums of radio broadcasts and film as well.

As a modern day Machiavelli, he increased his influence and power within the Nazi part by constantly shifting alliances with other Nazi leaders, so that in the end when Hitler committed suicide, Goebbels succeeded him as Chancellor.

Again, at first glance I'm sure most would agree Steve Buscemi would fit the role perfectly simply due to appearance, but when one considers the complexity of Goebbels's character, Buscemi's resume shows he could create an interesting dimension to this very famous, but rather obscure leading figure of Third Reich.

Bettina Meyer 

A secretary in the Ministry of Propaganda, Betinna is a composite character representing hundreds of young girls who came to Berlin seeking work during the 1930's (so there is no one photo of her).  She is an important character since it is from her perspective we can see behind the scenes within the Nazi party.

As with so many young women in Nazi Germany, their bosses hold power over them using information from their past, and this case is not different. Dealing with oppression and manipulation from many sources is the key to her survival.

An example of individual goodness vs. a society of evil, Bettina Meyer reveals an inner moral and spiritual strength, that not only prevails during the horrors of war, but saves her and those around her.

Two talented actresses - Hayden Panettiere, left, and Estella Warren, right - have the appearance of a composite Bettina, for we are not only looking for a blonde blend of east Prussia & Polish beauty, but a figure that is going to be noticeable in early 1940's attire.  

Ludwig von Wohl alias Louis de Wohl 

Here is the character most books about astrology and World War II focus on, since he wrote several books on how he made horoscopes for British Intelligence; so the Allies would know what kind of astrological Hitler was supposedly receiving from Krafft!  Crazy, but true, and actually this story alone could be a movie unto itself.

However, some truths & before unknown facts over this odd episode in WW II are uncovered in HITLER'S ASTROLOGER, for the first time in history.

Eccentric, witty, yet troubled, the Wohl character would require an actor's actor, for in real life, he played many roles in order to work, and survive.

I'm at a total loss on this role, any ideas?  Here's two photos, on the left during the war, and on the right him later in after several successful books and plays.

Countess Keun von Hoogerwerd 

Describing the Countess would force me to give away a lot of the story. Sorry, no comment.

The Countess during WWII was approaching her 40's, but was described as retaining that quality of beauty that had her appear years younger.  Personality-wise one could say she was a blend of Jodie Foster (left) in 'Silence of the Lambs' when she was in public, but like Sharon Stone in 'Casino' if you were lucky enough to be with her alone.

Count Keun von Hoogerwerd  

Here is a glimpse into a REAL power during WWII, one who by his family history owns and controls huge assets in nearly every corner of the globe, making him just as powerful as any country. He's Professor Moriarty who heads his own Bilderberg group, and even more scary - he is as intelligent and keen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who will eliminate any threat or even perceived threat without a second thought, and has the wealth and power to do anyone, anywhere.

This guy is has so much power, its scary...but what's he after?

Mentioning Dr. Hannibal Lecter has one automatically thinking of Anthony Hopkins....well, I did. Yet, when one thinks of Professor Moriaty, we can't help thinking of the excellent job Jared Harris did in 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shawdows" I had to think of him, TOO!  This is a tough call with just appearances and past work to consider...I'd love to see the auditions on this one!

 Ewa Mann

In the same way after WWII the Soviets would select a 'certain type' of woman that observation & study revealed a particular man would have a STRONG weakness for, Eva Mann was selected by the director of Dark Fire (the Department of the SS in charge of the study and collection of occult & ancient artifacts from around the world, as seen in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark') for such a purpose.

Ewa Mann is the embodiment of redheaded hotness, with a personality more complicated than a Gemini with a Pisces Moon...!

What happens when the man she was assigned to destroy reveals a part of her own character she was not aware?  Here is where the story drifts away from the usual WWII narrative and becomes....well, rather complicated.

We have a similar duality going on here that exists within the Countess, except this is an early 20's-something who everyone will be immediately attracted to by her innocent collegiate beauty and sweet mannerisms, but will make men moan when a few drops of make-up are added having her looked like she walked out of a high fashion photo shoot...and ready for something sexy. I have no idea who these girls are, I just found them on the net when I Googled 'beautiful redheads'...and these these ladies certainly are.  Well, I hope we can find one of them, since this look is EXACTLY what an Ewa Mann would be! 

Dear lady, if you see your photo up here, please give us permission to have it here...

Captain Best Payne 

Before the Third Reich invaded France in 1940, there were lots of agents moving between Holland & Germany on both sides, Captain Best Payne being one of them.  Sent over by British Intelligence - by a Commander Ian Fleming by the way, who would later go on to write the James Bond series - Best Payne's orders were to locate a 'dark operation' the Nazis were apparently developing, and if possible, assassinate the key figures involved.

It turns out the key figure to which his orders referred to was one Karl Ernst Krafft, but Captain Payne would never know who this famous astrologer was, and just how Krafft was assisting the Third Reich's war machine.

OK, we may have to call a casting director on this one!  The way Captain Best Payne was described to me gave me the impression of a young Robert Redford, and I don't know of any young actor today who comes close to having the rugged good looks category of this iconic star, if you can even put the great Redford in a category.  Maybe there's some European soccer player or wide receiver from USC who can come close to this look....?  Suggestions...?

Rudolf Hess 

So what caused the #3 figure in the Nazi party to fly to Scotland in order to negotiate peace with Great Britain in May, 1941...? 

Astrology.  Or more specifically, the 1933 predictions made by Karl Ernst Krafft stating that:

(1.) Hitler will bring Germany into war in the fall of 1939  

(2.) If peace is not made with Great Britain by the summer of  1941, the tide will go against Germany 

Actually, Hess was a competent astrologer himself (learning it from his mother while living in Egypt as a child), and when seeing Krafft's predictions above, he replicated the findings and came up the same dates and conclusions, too.  And that's not all he did with astrology that had an effect on the Third Reich.

At first I had no idea who could play Hess - where are you going to find someone who had a feel of being Richard Nixon's younger brother, yet was 10 times more complicated? Dr. Ballard from Las Cruces, NM (apparently real people live there, not just UFO hunters) offered a spectacular suggestion - Henry Rollins!  The resemblance is uncanny and Rollins, having so much experience in so many types of media, should pull this off well and his being a force in the group Black Flag may give Rollins a perception of the darker sides of Hess that are not shown on the survived newsreels of Hess.

Lady (Ella) Hightower

Lady Hightower is a psychic whom British Intelligence and even the Royal Navy respects and calls upon when trying to penetrate the dark force the Nazi inner circle has created.

From a military family with several generations of those seem to have 'the gift', she and her husband, Lord Everton provide the missing key on how the Third Reich is not only using Karl Ernst Krafft, but twisting the ancient texts and 'magic' to be used for the German military.
Psychic? Class? Who else? Shirley MacLaine...!!!
General Jens Schmidt-Prange

 This general is actually a composite character, so there is no photo of an actual character.  While on the verge of being comic relief in some aspects of the story, actuals details of several German generals are interwoven into the exploits of Schmidt-Prange, which, if one could image, would be like Clint Eastwood's "Kelly's Heroes" character having the power and position of a general...!

 Unfortunately he is no longer with us, but of course when we think of a (rather large) German General, how can we NOT have the wonderful Leon Askin pop into our minds?

More characters coming....! 

Check back soon, new characters & descriptions being loaded almost daily!

Last updated 6/29/2014

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