A historical drama based on the true story how the Third Reich used the occult & astrology in politics & the military during World War II.

by David Bryant Perkins

A brief video synopsis of the book:


              How did Hitler’s war machine always seem to be one step ahead of England and France in the opening years of World War  II?  Germany occupied Norway in April of 1940 just two days before the British planned to.  In May, after being totally outwitted and out maneuvered in the conquest of France, many in British High Command were beginning to hear rumors these successes were due to more than German precision military planning and luck.  The Wehrmacht was using the dark forces of the occult!

            This suspicion was strengthened when a German refugee writer and amateur astrologer - Ludwig von Wohl - came to the British with a fantastic story:  The Third Reich was using one of Europe’s best astrologers to influence the planning and decisions of Hess, Himmler, Goebbels, and even Hitler himself.  Changing his name to Louis DeWohl, MI5 gave him the rank of Captain and was assigned to determine what kind of astrological advice Hitler was receiving, to be used for British counter intelligence.

            “Hitler’s Astrologer” is a historical drama based on the true story of astrology’s and the occult’s role in Nazi Germany during World War II, and the personalities who manipulated these beliefs. This is 'Raider's of the Lost Ark' but in showing why the Nazis were scouring the globe for ancient artifacts...and it wasn't to put these rare finds into a museum or university.

            You will be introduced to Karl Ernst Krafft, the Swiss astrologer who contributed to the ideas of harmonics and one of the first in the 20th Century to incorporate the science of statistics in horoscope interpretation and prediction.  Outcast in his own country, Karl Ernst became an adamant Nazi and settled in Germany where his scientific approach to astrology and knowledge of Nostradamus were highly respected, and later, put to use for the German war effort.

            In 1933, when Hitler came to power in Germany, Krafft correctly predicted that another world war would come to Germany in the fall of 1939.  Krafft was one of the first astrologers to analyze and use the newly discovered planet: Pluto.  He found this planet announced the First World War - when Pluto entered Cancer in late summer of 1914 - and saw a similar aspect when Pluto entered Leo in the fall in 1939.

            The May 10, 1941 flight Rudolf Hess made to Scotland to negotiate peace with England was influenced by another of Krafft’s 1933 predictions - that if Germany and England had not made peace by June 1941 - the tide of the war would then go against Germany.  Hitler reacted to Hess’s flight by ordering ‘Aktion Hess’, the arrest of over 600 astrologers in Germany - Karl Ernst Krafft being one of them.

            The story begins with the wife of Joseph Goebbels, Magda, finding some Nostradamus texts which refer to Hitler, as well as when the war will start:

Sept fois changer verrez gent Britiannique,

Taintz en sang deux, nonnte an,

Franche non point par appuy Germanique,

Aries double son pole Bastarnan.

(Actual Nostradamus verse, translated:)

During the course of 290 years,

Britain would change its ruling dynasty seven times. (It did.)

Then, Aries (war) will come between Germany and another Germanic tribe,

The Bastarnan (a tribe living east of the Oder River, present day Poland),

Who will be protected by Britain. (Poland did have a treaty with Britain)


           Author’s note: when 290 years are added to the planetary aspects Nostradamus spoke of in the year 1649, one would arrive at the year 1939 – the actual year war broke out between Germany & Poland

             Reich minister Goebbels then enlists Krafft, who is the authority on Nostradamus in the early 20th century, to interpret and alter text for propaganda as well as tactical military advantage.  His skills in astrology are also noticed when he warned the Nazis of an attempt on Hitler’s life between the 7th and 10th of November 1939 - correctly foreseeing what occurred on the 8th of November: a bomb detonated at the Munich Beer Hall where the Nazis were celebrating the anniversary of the 1923 Putsch, missing Hitler by a mere 13 minutes.

            Krafft is arrested along with many other astrologers because of “Aktion Hess”, but is released to work on horoscopes of Allied generals and assists on Wernher von Braun on the V2 project in Peenemünde due to his genius in mathematics and knowledge of planetary motion and trajectory.  After living out his usefulness, he was again arrested and died just a few months before the war ended on his way to the Buchenwald concentration camp.

            The material is based on 24 years of research and offers a look into World War II as never seen before.  The reader will be introduced to the societies that influenced Nazi occultism - The Vril & Thule Societies - to the “Black Sun” circle of the SS, which united the three most important symbols of Nazi ideology: the Dark Sun Wheel, the Swastika, and the ancient Nordic Victory Rune.

           We also see the beginnings of our current “New World Order”, with astrology being connected to a powerful Dutch banker who works with Senator Prescott Bush (W’s Bush grandfather) to finance the Nazis, only later in the war to then, via a myriad various companies, launder Thyssen’s millions out of Germany when the German steel magnate fell out of favor with Hitler.

                                                                                          Copyright ©  2013 by David Bryant Perkins, All rights reserved.