The FACT of the matter: Illustrating the story's AUTHENTICITY

The brief video on the home page will give you an idea on the approach we are using to make a documentary film of this

subject.  Since the story is written as historical drama, it was deemed necessary to create a documentary to illustrate the

facts in this book, simply because some of the incredible information revealed in HITLER'S ASTROLOGER may not be

believed....!  Unfortunately in the literary world, historical drama is considered fiction - however -

the story you are about to read is TRUE!

 For example, the photos above are items discovered by the SS department's Dark Sun - a division of the Nazi party that analyzed ancient artifacts, drawings & writings from such places such as Egypt, Iraq, Tibet, and northern India.  Please note the two gold pieces resembling jet fighters were not only found on different continents, but were created by different cultures literally thousands of years apart).

 Weapons developed for the Nazi war machine that originated from such ancient items recovered in these world-wide excavations are known as Wunderwaffe, or  'Wonder Weapons'.

Wunderwaffe are not to be confused with the known super weapons such as the V-1 and V-2's, known as Vergeltungswaffen or "Vengeance Weapons".  Wonder Weapons were a very different breed of technology, and hold the connotation as coming from a different 'world'.

Wonder Weapons were also classified as those created by translating these ancient texts found in ancient Sanskrit & Archaic Sumerian, some of which actually revealed the technical descriptions of Vimanas, or flying machines, from ancient India, the gods used to travel to the heavens.

There are two ways to tell a story such as this, an academic approach and a dramatic approach.  A dramatic approach was chosen for mass appeal.  For example, do you think the The Da Vinci Code would have been a best seller or made into a movie if it took the academic route of merely stating the facts like a textbook?  Probably not.  People want stories, people want action…..we get it.

However, when a book is done as drama, there is often some confusion over what is fact and what is fiction.  Even though 90% of the people and events that occur in HITLER'S ASTROLOGER are fact, either because these facts seem to fantastic or unbelievable one certainly might wonder what is history and what is the dramatization.

That is why a documentary will be made - based on the lecture series that accompanies most book signings - to support the book. We hope to have the documentary completed in the summer of 2015.


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