Are you a World War II buff...?  Or an expert on the Third Reich...? 

See if you can pass the Hitler's Astrologer Third Reich Occult Quiz... 

(for answers, see below) 

Question  #1 

 Question  #2

 What ancient languages did Dr. Heinrich Ludwig Fesel (SS Obersturmführer of all Occult, Astrology, & Ancient Technology Department) master, translate, and understand years before the rest of the world?

                      Sumerian                Akkadian                   Sanskrit                  Semitic                    Assyrian              


 Question  #3 

Which of these famous female Nazis occultists had an affair with President Herbert Hoover's nephew? 

                           Leni Riefenstal       Dagmar Stöver     Magda Goebbels       Elka Kemper       Zarah Leander

                        Film Director                    Athlete                 Reich First Lady                 Dominatrix                       Actress


Question  #4  

What planet did Karl Ernst Krafft use for his 1933 prediction stating the new German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, would start a new 'significant war' in the fall of 1939? 

                                   Jupiter                   Neptune                    Saturn                     Moon                     Pluto


Question  #5
"Projekt Thor" was the code name for which of these German WWII undertakings ?
                           The                   'Die Glocke'            'Xerum 525'                   The                    Deceptional                       'Haunebu'             Anti-Gravity          Energy Field               Amerika           Maneuvers in the   

                          Craft                   Propulsion              Propulsion                   Rocket           Invasion of France


Question  #6

 What was the major factor that influenced Rudolf Hess to fly to Scotland in May, 1941?

A.) Karl Ernst Krafft's astrological prediction that the tide of the war would turn AGAINST Germany in mid-summer of 1941 if peace were not made with Great Britain. 

B.) Rudolf Hess had a falling out with Adolf Hitler over the planned invasion of the Soviet Union.

C.) His flight ended up in Scotland by accident, the original flight plan was for Stavanger, Norway.

D.) Hess learned of a plot against him by
the Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (SS) - Heinrich Himmler.


 Question  #7

What occult method did the German Naval Command actually believe the Allies were using at the end of 1943 that caused the loss of so many German submarines?
(In fact it was due to what would become sonar.)

                          Use of                       Thule                  Psychics like              Captured                    Vril
Pendulum                   Radio                     Madame                 Nazi Craft                 Power
Divinity                 Triangulation           Blavatsky
Question  #8

 In December of 1919, Karl Haushofer, the head of the Thule Society, invited Maria Orzich and several other Vril mediums to a secluded cabin in the Alps near Berchtesgaden in order to record a trance session that contacted an extraterrestrial civilization from which star & constellation system?

                     Aldebaran                  Antares              
      Markab                     Caph                          Rigel       
                     in TAURUS                 in Scorpio                
in Pegasus              in Cassiopeia                  in Orion 


What?  You think I'm going to just GIVE you all of the answers???  You forget I'm a teacher, and a good way to learn is to go look up the information yourself.....or get a copy of HITLER'S ASTROLOGY so you can find out the answers these, and much, much, more....!

OK, OK, I'll give you one: the answer to #1 is "all of the below":

                                                                                                                                                                 Copyright ©  2013 by David Bryant Perkins, All rights reserved.