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US & Canada

All paperback books, eBook cards, and horoscope charts will be sent to you via the United States Postal Service.  I hope that's not an issue, actually I found them to be pretty reliable (but waiting in line there can sometimes be a drag, though). Plus sending it 'media rate' lets me get it to you for just a couple of bucks, which I will gladly cover...I hate playing shipping (and handling) charges, don't you?  Well, you are doing me an honor by getting my book, the least I can do is get it to you for free...


OK, I really can't afford to send a book to Russia or Uzbekistan for free, so email me where you want it and I'll check with the Post Office to see what the rate would be...

Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is very simple, whatever information you share on this site, STAYS on this site. (This is Vegas, remember?)   Actually, any financial info you input I will not see AT ALL, for such sales information goes directly to the computers at SAGE (the merchant processor).  So, all I will really be handling is your shipping address, which is locked so deep in encryption code, even the NSA won't be able find it (I voted for Ron Paul, so you know I will do all I can to protect you from our government).  Besides doing everything possible to protect you on the technology side of things as well, please know I have been a professional astrologer since 1978, and take very seriously my obligations to keep my client's birth data info safe & secure, and will certainly apply those standards here as well.  (Besides getting an "A" in all my doctorate classes in ethics, I took the lessons seriously.)  Privacy means the world to me, and know I will give the same concern and protection to you...!

Refund & Exchange Policy 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the condition of your book, ebook, or chart when it is received, then please return it within 30 days and I will be more than happy to replace it with another. PLEASE NOTE: Listen, I’m not some huge multi-national corporation - just a high school teacher who came across a part of history & wrote about it with the hope this will be my ticket out of poverty - so please understand I can’t give refunds, since in barely getting by month-to-month as it is, I’d probably go broke if I offered that.  I’ll be happy to replace your product if it arrives damaged, and that’s about all I can do. Thank-you for your understanding. 

Any other issues or concerns over sales please contact me at:

By mail: David Bryant Perkins, 6920 Snow Finch, Las Vegas, NV, 89084

Phone: (702) 376-4435 (During the school year, PLEASE don't call when I'm teaching class, OK? After 3 pm Pacific is fine.)

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